Dr. Martens x Neighborhood


Design and layout for a Goodhood zine, promoting Dr. Martens and Neighborhood’s collaboration. Inspired by the front page headline of a 1976 issue of The Daily Mirror about The Sex Pistols.

Volume Magazine


Art direction and layout for Volume Magazine, a seasonal magazine from online menswear retailer; oki-ni. Featuring interviews with renowned designers, shoots, and cultural reviews.



Art direction, website design and online/offline branding for luxury menswear retailer; oki-ni.



Identity, branding and web design for design studio; YourStudio.

YourStudio’s aim is to transform mundane spaces into inspiring experiences. Drawing on this idea, and Yves Klein’s theory on his particular shade of blue representing a void or empty space, an identity was created, primarily consisting of type systematically arranged to create a sense of an empty space being explored.

YS Groundwork


Branding & Identity for YS GroundWork.

YS GroundWork is the trends & insights department of YourStudio. Taking inspiration from the forms and materials used in architectural foundations and experimenting with scanning of stone materials, the identity visualises the building blocks that YS GroundWork provides, which are vital to create a reliable and structured brand.

Occasional talks and presentations held by the brand discuss the current and future state of the workspace and retail environments.